Autumn 2017

Imagined for contemporary settings, the elements can be easily and personally combined. Rebecca mirror with an highly tactile frame metal bronzed or light brown. Cecco table with a sober design, made with the typical metal base, an highly tactile finishing and an durmast wood Wengé basement, natural durmast and hickory durmast. Torretrava dresser in durmast wood Wengé, Caspim top-of-the-range. Sensational objects thanks to their graphic simplicity, precious for their attention to details in the constructing stage.


Technology lightness, transversal attitude, innovation are Caspim’s key values, label of the new Made in Italy design. Together with the arrival of the second generation, represented here by Christian Cesana, the important company tradition has been continued with enthusiasm and with the ability to compare the dynamics of a market that is in a continuous change. That is why a new and wide proposal of contemporary elements has been created: tables, seats, complements and containers represent a gradual creative and productive process that brings to a complete setting signed by Caspim.



New graphic design

We have updated the web site with a new graphic interface richer content. Enjoy!

19 October 2017